Sheet Metal Shaping Basics

There are so many mass-produced replacement/unique styled gas tank and fenders and such. some of them are good quality,  others are not.  And some people want more than store bought products to meet their unique vision.   You can turn your idea into a shape with sheet metal shaping skill.

This basic class is designed for small shop guys/beginners/hobbyist, focused on the basic fundamentals of metal shaping that will get you going with simple and solid understanding of the basic techniques with basic tools.  High-end Expensive/big machines are nice and help you do metal shaping but you can do lot of stuff with simple basic tools and machines.  

This class is limited to 4 to 6 people that ensures you spend time actual hands on experience.


Class contents


How, Why, Comparison by tool contacts differences and pros and cons.

Demonstration of basic techniques with different tools. 

Several Hands-on time through out the day

  Also during the class,I will introduce little more advance techniques just to show how basic techniques and principles can be applied to different use at appropriate topic.I am working level 2 of metal shaping class, it's just matter of organizing study materials and appropriate approaches for you understand better. level 2 class coming soon by spring 2017


I will go through each tools and equipment what /when/how to use.

Aviation snips,electric shear, beverly shear.

Mallets and shot bag.

Body hammers and dollies.

T-dollies/Post dollies


Planishing Hammer

English wheel

20 page text book keino wrote

The class starts 9am till about 5pm

The class is limited to 4 to 6 person.

2 person share 1 works station that consists of planishing hammer, a set of body hammers, 2 sets of mallet and shot bag. a pair of aviation snips.  Small class for more one-on-one time with each person.  Keino believe the best way for you learn your skill is you spend time doing them.Keino will guide you to the right direction with his simplified principles.

Basically this is the class that keino wish he had a chance to attend when he started to shape metal.

450 per person, $150 deposit to reserve your spot. the rest is due at the day of class.







    Images by Patrick Lewis