Metal Shaping basics work shop


Metal Shaping basics work shop


One day class for sheet metal shaping basics.

$450 per class per person

Reservation and $150 deposit required

deposit is non-refundable in case of your cancellation.

$300 is due upon the date of class. cash

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Basic metal shaping theory. Tool/equipment usage   Basic Stretch/Shrink/Planish Techniques.

malets with shot bag    English wheel     Body hammer and hand dollies    Air Planishing Hammer

tucking fork ,wood stump

Small text book I wrote.

4 people max, 2 work station

Each work station includes,hand hammers,air planishing hammer.shot bag,misc hand tools.materials

One english wheel for everyone to share.

Lunch included

9am to around 5pm fri or sat. same class.

If you would like to use paypal , please contact,

Group discount available.