Rhapsody in Blue Yamaha Yard Build Project

Yamaha EU comissionned us to build a concept bike based on their Iconic In-Line 4,Air Cooled XJR1300. It was perfectly designed and manufactured to mas-market. There was nothing wrong with it. but I , as custom motorcycle builder, saw a lot of potential to give it different aesthetic. i envisioned it to be unconventional look that doesn't fall to any genre people love to label without rediculous-ness.   In my opinion, one of the key mind set of customizing perfect factory bike is balance of the wrongness and the rightness.

Its named after one of memorable song of mine "Rhapsody In Blue"   My dad used to play this song, vinly record really loud, I remember sketching dad's Yamaha XS650 on back porch while Rhapsody In Blue blasting from living room.

This bike will be touring with Yamaha EU for a year all over the Europe for a year. I hope everyone there would enjoy this . bike will available for delivery after Sept 2015 if anybody interested