Side valve tool

On Side valve , valves and springs sit directly on cam via lifters.

Unlike OHV, which removable pushrod. I have to take off or loose cylinders off to give enough room to relieve spring pressure off from cam shafts to open cam cover.No matter what position the crank is, there's always one of cam shafts are pushing valve to open. I can wiggle cover on/off by spinning engine. But I don't like it , and I didnt know any other way.

So after few attempts , I made few tools

Modified cheap valve spring compressor .

Couldnt find HD OEM one. So I made it

Head off, valves out

Installed collar that I made holds springs high enough that lifters go up/down .

I can work cam chest with peace of mind

I'm sure there's better way someone doing. This is good for me for now.