My thought on american chopper build off show

I am not a fan of the tuetuls creations, but when I happen to be at home and their show is on TV, I will watch it. because I would drool over their expensive equipments, and once in a blue moon, they do reach out for technology and equipment that I didn't know about.
And what interests me the most is that I can learn so many things not to do on bikes.
They never fail to stretch out their ideas way too far, way too extreme, every single times.
Their mentality, "Nobody done that before, so its amazing" doesn't apply to everything.
At least it doesn't cut it for me. I do get caught up, confused with so many ideas , not being sure if it's good or bad.right or wrong. I have to pull myself out. till I feel good about the ideas or something else come along.. my gut feeling,my instinct is always right. This is just my approach.
I am sure they are great individuals, normal person. I would shake their hands in respectful manner.
But its just that their
mentality towards motorcycles shows on their work, and I don't admire their work. it's just too much for me.

When I found out about this build off with Jesse James,I was intrigued
As far as custom motorcycles, What I do ,what I believe is similar to Jesse James.
His ideas and works interests me in positive way. I've met him few times, but we are not friends
or acquainted that we chat on phone or emails, so him being on
TV, building bikes is only opportunity for me to see what he is up to. Who would win didn't matter to me.
I can learn something positive from the way he approach making things ,or stylize motorcycles.
He had a opportunity ,and took advantage of it ,I believe he did what he had to, or wanted to , come this far to pursue his career .I would have done the same thing.Not the way he portrait himself,, or maybe that who really is,, I don't know him well. But I feel bad for him getting tabloid attention as side effect. I don't feel sympathy for all those problems he caused, reported on tabloids. All
I'm thinking is "don't you have something better to do? family ? business?" but it's not my business. I just want to see what he builds once in a while..

I thought the show presented good contrast of different approach of custom bikes.
All of the bikes reflected what they believe in. live show in
vegas part wasn't necessary however.
Paul Jr was voted the best of three by audience,, good for him.But I hope the show influenced some of american chopper audience the way they see custom bikes, less people would mention OCC as comparison to my work.. because It would make me feel uncomfortable very much.