Things I don't understand

story #1

I use keyboard transport company to ship bikes state wide. they are professional,reasonable,dependable.they come with semi with their patented motorcycle crate.
All I got to do, is roll on the crate, they tied them down nice and secure. off they go..
once , I rolled the bike on ,was watching driver tied them cell rang. picked up, talking to customer on my cell.. a middle age couple in SUV pulled up,,

Guy in drivers seat started yelling.
" *&#%$&*#(@*#^?"

I noticed he was saying something, but I was talking on the phone to my customer.
so I pointed to my cell that I was holding to my right ear.

a guy in drivers's seat,,
" Is that a *)(&$*(&^%@)$@^) ??? "

I pointed my cell phone with other hand,, gesturing that I am on the phone. Again

then lady in passenger side, said,

" He is talking to you!!!"

that I could hear clear;y,, but I am still talking to my customer..
so i pointed to my cell on my headagain and shook my head to them..
gestured and hoping they understand my gesture that I can't talk to them..

they go,, loud enough that I can hear on my other ear..
" Assohole!!!"

story 2

my shop is facing street and roll down gate is the only separation from street ,so its wide open when it's warm out. so people drive by , and slow down to peek inside sometime.its about 30feet
from the street to where i do things.

I heard a car pulled up, not parked, just pulled up in the middle of the street.

the guy goes,,

" Hey!, Hey!"
he is still in his car,

I looked outside and he is waving ,gesturing me come close to his car,,

He stopped in the middle of the street ,NYC bus is behind him, honking . and and this guy is gesturing me to come close to him.

he goes,,
" is that a orange county chopper?"

not that reference to OCC makes me pissed.I understand some people who are not into custom bikes don't see the difference.
But this guy was too lazy to park on side of the street. blocked whole street ,made me walked across the street, then asked me stupid question.

so I walked away.

story 3

I was working on a engine in the back on half 2nd floor.
I heard a guy
" Excuse me,Can I take pictures of the bikes"
I had rolled out few bikes in front of my shop. , I was thinking thattaking pictures of those bikes are ok, so I said sure.

within a few minutes
there's woman saying
" excuse me ,can you move some of these bikes?

I looked outside, she had some handbags, and other few things on a bike which has fresh paint job,taking pictures.

I said,
" what the fuck are you doing?"

she and he goes
"well you said it's ok to take picture of bikes?we are working on our projects "

I said .
"I dont give a shit about your project, dont' touch those bikes!"

the guy said,
" but we asked"

I went
"not about doing stuff like that !! get the fuck out of my place"

story,, so many,
they just sit right on the bikes without asking

funny thing is that most of this kind of people are middle aged or older who most likely
had raised their kids to be polite and respectful to other people,, or at least say thank you.

I know it's rare to run into these people..
but they do exist...
I don't understand..
I just don't want to be those people..

I feel little better now..