Silver smith fin from kobe, japan

Silversmith Fin,Jun kawamura Kobe ,Japan
Back in 2001, Larry was telling me this Japanese guy wondered in shop few years before where we worked to meet Larry, sent Larry an email. but Larry was having hard time understand what he wrote due to language barrier,asked me if i can bridge the gap between them thru email.He simply was enthusiastically saying that it was dream come true to see Larry in person and wanted to tell Larry that he was a jewelry artist and make a ring for him. So i did shoot him an email saying that I am Japanese who happen to work with Larry ,and i can help communicate.
His response was " I'll come and see you!" He did flew all the way to NYC 2weeks later.
We hit it off right away.
Since then we continued to stay in touch, he made more than dozen pieces for larry.
He made this little badge that Larry's question cross incorporated with wings on the side. Interestingly it was about same time Larry and paul talked about same design for Larry's logo. Paul refined the design later on , it bacame iconic logo today.
Larry invited him for discovery channel " biker build-off " show few times.

Among the other talented jewerly artists,, what stands about his stuff to me is that his philosopshy
He doesn't believe in wax carving.
you would think that center piece with skull like the picture being carved out of was first then cast in silver.
Nope, he carved it out of blank silver plate.
He loves shaping form out of blank metal. he would draw something on paper,then bring the shape that he has in his head out of blank.
He never fail to inspire me so many levels

see his blog