Burkhardt magneto

I do collect things that i think it's beautiful.not to make money off of it nor trade with something else.. purely eye candy for myself.once i got them in my hand. i won't let go easily.. so don't ask how much,,
burdkhardt magneto for corn shovel, i thnk it would fit early evo,bottom breather too.
I wasn't around this HD world back when this was hot item, but I was told burkhardt was drag racer in CA area.(i think,, I dunno. Chopper dave sent me an email with history behind long time ago,, but i can't find it anymore.don't want to bother him with same question again.. ). and this magneto cover was available '70,'80s after they stop making it. there are 2 knock-off or licensed version with different emblem on it. Ever since I saw it on old 70's street choppers 10years ago, I would hunt for it on internet once in a while..I got my hands on just a cover few years ago.. no drive gear. I figured that i could modify or make one-off gear to make that work.
but few day ago I just came across a whole complete set with drive gear.
Now i am staring at it like it's porn mag..magneto porn.
Am i gonna use it on some builds? hmmm maybe someday, I dunno..
I can't help myself staring at it for now..