Restoration is whole a different world

I love old, vintage stuff, no matter what it is.
I love this book, so much info.If you are into old harley's , this is a must book to have

i was doing little research on this book, and ran into this paragraph.

I know this book covers up to 1965 models..and all about restorations.
but what's wrong with retrofit with updated parts?
there's reason that the factory, or people came up with updated parts. because some old design and material didn't work,or new one works better.
I do admire original paint, original parts,love looking into old parts details and history.
But I don't want to use, NOS piston or tires or gasket that 60 years old..I would love to stare at them though.
i love making old shit to run good.but not restoration.
i guess i can't ever be a restoration guy, I'd rather do restore period correct custom bike restoration.

someone should come up with book about models after 1965, and updated version of what fits what..up to twin cam.
but there's gotta be someone out there can put this shit together