Remember johnny,,

Johnny "Chop" Vasko / True Blue in Sturgis - Dir Mikey Zoyes

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one of my inspirations, and feel fortunate to say he was my friend. johnny chop.
I am in east he was in west. we only talked on the phone or hang at big and small bike events. but that was enough to say he was real guy.

2006 daytona bike week
prior to the week. he told me he wasn't going to to daytona.
but he made a surprise visit at our booth.
we hang for a while on trailer roof.
then we moved to lolipop.
we were hanging at bar , staying away from cat walk,, too much noise , and way too many hot girls.. we just wanted to bullshit about bikes.

we were pretty buzzed, when he started telling me about his heart problem.
I remember thinking ,, he told me this story back in sturgis last year,,what the fuck is talking about? ,, drinking, smoking, partying, and building rad bikes like nobody else...It just didn't seem to be quite real.

then yesterday 4years ago.. I got a phone call, johnny was gone.
it all made sense all of sudden,,

I am really grateful that I knew him at personal level, part of my life, and part of his life.

His tattoo says it all

" Fuck it, Fuck it all , No regret"

I miss you , Johnny