Morris magneto

I love magneto, the looks, how it works. I can't built bikes without it.
Magneto is self-contained ignition system that works independently from existing electrical system,, battery, lights, starter. that means even if whole entire electrical system burst into flames( which happened to me before,, ) bike still fires up.
I had an old joe hunt mag laying around, tested with drill ,had a spark,but kinda weak.
I could put new condensor, point what not,, regular tune-up.
but what magneto master-mind would do to rebuild it?
i begged dave shaw at morris magneto to share his knowledge by me watching what he would do..he relunctantly agreed,, i don't blame him,, i don't want anybody watching over my shoulder during doing daily multitask shop work. that would drive me insane..but he was nice enough to show me few things

first he tested it with his equipment to spin it at 350rpm to see how much spark we got.this old joe hunt one would spark to 8mm gap.then he heard a little noise from inside the mag. he opened it up sure enough , there's little washer stuck between magnet and field plates..he explained that old style body like this has too much gap on top of body between inside body and magnet's pretty common that washer fell off in between when service point and condensor..

also he noticed that bearing pressed intoo shallow in top bearing support plate, and missing hold washer,,later found out that someone ground off plate so that bearing bore is not deep enough to washer to go in,, therefore bearing looked shallow .. he replaced with his billet full billet one.
and then he showed me the magnet,, old one has cast-in magnet on rotor which he thinks looks ok,,this style and some screw-in type are not uncommon to fall apart but his rare-earth magnet 2piece design is not only never gonna come apart, and also, provide stronger magnetism. left is old one, right is rare earth magnet( this particular one is different shaft in it.)

mags,,aaahh nice

everything is in place, back to test ,,
now it sparks to 13mm gap at 350rpm which approximately kick-starting rpm.
he said his billet body morris mag would spark to 15mm( over 9/16) gap!! with his billet mag body and field plate and more tighter torelance.

you got old magneto ? send it in to morris magneto or get new morris mag..