random thought of the day

We all live in this harsh dry reality world,You can't run, can't hide.
we all try really hard to live thru it. sometimes you need something to lean on, whatever it is.
There's always something for everyone.
I am not religious person,,don't practice religion daily basis at all.but I realized more and more lately that I do practice certain mentality..
I think that where and how I grew up influences my way of thinking..probably Buddhism.
I should consider somewhat Buddhist for that reason,even though I don't know much about it.

One of the mental practice I do is Giving without expectation.it's hard,,what in return? I don't know,,probably nothing...is this religious thoughts? I don't know ,i don't care,,I think it's about spirituality.I think having a good spirit influences everything.

I was running errands,drop-offs,pick-ups, stuck in bumper to bumper traffic all day after long night at shop. playing around iphone twitter thing I just started ,,and kept thinking about that mentality in my van.

it was a random thought,, nothing bad.

sorry no interesting pics or anything.
hey it's my blog,, I can do whatever.
so go fuck yourself,, yeah that's the spirit!! ahaha