Ron Trock

If you are harley mechanic/engine builder/tool whore,you probably have seen special engine tools for harley says trock cycles.,, this is the man,,ron trock with funny looking welding hat. Have you seen panster(pan head top sportster bottom, or shovster( shovel top/sportster bottom) in old mags? how about arlen ness's yellow accels bike bikes featuring knukle on top and sportster bottom? ,Not that I was in that era, but from what I heard and read,, he was one of the key person behind the scene of crazy engines,,I had an opportunity to meet the man at dealer convention a couple of years ago.. what character that man was..
much respect for guys like him..

Valve travel checker,, this comesi n handy if I run high lift cams and check valve timing,,

ron trock's cylinder ,,3 3/4 bore with 5.370 length,,I don't know if he still makes custom cylinder,, he said he would do something like this for me,,I will build something cool with these ,,3 3/4 bore, if i run 4 5/8 wheels ,, it'll make 102ci,,i'll need stroker plates,,
doesn't seem big these days,,