Japan trip 9 dad's bike

This is the bike my dad was building till hospitalized for the last time..he didn't come back home to finish ,,his friend ,shintaro takaoka at snug motocycles finished it for his honor after my dad's passing..Megro ( former kawasaki ) engine from 50's with triumph head which is turned around 180 degree in Norton double featherbed frame.
lot's of hand made parts
he called Megton.
he made this badge on oil tank/rear fender

him working on it in his attic ,, yes it's in attic,,please don't make fun of his shirts wearing..

fender brace he made,, nice.

right side shift pedal he made,,real nice..

i know he had put bikes, bicycles and other stuff together in his life,, but this bike is the most craziest thing he did..he used to send me pictures in mail.. i wish i was there building this thing with him..i will put more detail pics tomorrow..