Old Biker dude.

One morning, my shop phone rang. It was from another bike shop which has been around forever. good reputation.good guys. When i opened my shop in this neiborhood,i visited them to see if it's ok to open my shop in their turf. just out of my respect for them They welcomed me, even congratulated me. That's how they are.

So, one of mechanic is telling me they are having a hard time fixing starter problem on this shovel head, asking me if i could come down and take a look. Two brains are better than one..so I went. The problem with the bike was that starter jackshaft engages clutch basket but it stays engaged and won't go back even though you let starter switch off.they explained what they tried,, It seemed like everything I could think of.. then mechanic said to me..
" do you want to take this bike and fix it?"
" Nah" I said , If they can't fix it, why me? and I didn't want to take job away from the shop.
then he started telling me the situation we are in.
the owner of the bike is losing his sight. he can barely see the street sign.
the owner wants to ride this bike before he goes completely blind..and he pointed a old guy in the shop.
mechanic said " you are the best ,bro"
I said " I am not the best, I try my best."
these guys who have been around for long time, asking for help from newbie like me.
I couldn't turn them down.
" bring it tomorrow, I'll try"

It took me a quite some time to figure it out,, there were mixed and matched parts,,
try and check things one thing at a time.
modify jack shaft, file each spline for clutch gears, machine primary cover,and on ,on ,on. basically I made them work flawlessly. Now starter jack shaft system works,, but it seems starter motor itself is not getting enough amperage to spin engine. I suggested that they should change battery and starter cable to higher grade.they said ok.

the owner showed up and took care of me. then he asked ," where's bath room?"
I pointed at a room he just came thru from outside , " Bath room is right by the front door"
It is a pretty dark,, light just went out this morning,,but still you can see things .,, but not for him..He couldn't find a door that right next to front door.. Is his sight that bad,or is it just too dark,,

He started up his beloved shovel and then took off..

Did I do right thing? I don't know,,, I believe I did.

I just hope he enjoy his shovel.