Lace and True

21in ,black chromed spokes and nipples,on narrow glide hub,, it's pretty confusing to lace narrow glide hub,,you have to put all spokes first then lay them out instead of one at a time like regular ones,, this is just 40 spokes,, I can't even imagine how pain in the ass to lace 100 spokes on this style of hub,,,, and imagine how much 100 spokes and nipples weigh on rotating component... gyroscopic effect is undeniable, great for stability,, but you need gooood brakes to slow it down. it's a trade off...but they look cool.

anywaaaayyy,, truing stand,, service manual says 1/32 run-out maximum,, I usually try to chase run-out within about ,015,, you can't really get dead-on no run out on these,, because,, rim is welded, or spun, and valve core hole,,and chromed or polished have inconsistency on the surface that dial gage would pick up..
In the end,, run-out within.015 looks pretty straight by eye.

laced and trued 21in,18in,16in,, i'll put tires on then static balance them,, I don't have fancy dynamic balancer,,I would like to have one someday..I got I another 21 to lace later,,just realized i forgot to order another set of spokes,,