Ducati heads and shovel bottom end

This guy ,Chris Barber, I think in denmark,, build this engine late model ducati heads on S&S bottom.. looks cool,,, but way too modern looking engine to me,,he even CAD(Computer Assisted Drawing) for this engine,,damn,, I wish I could afford , and know how to use those thing,,

So,, this my baby in works,, I had hands on 1978 ducati 900ss heads,, bevel driven, desmodromic valve train,,I am thinking using 70's cone shovel,, just sake of aunthenticity ,, I dunno,, we'll see.
I like the look of older engines,, little more organic, and has soul to them..maybe it's just me..

CAD? nah,, I am not there yet,, someday I'll learn how use those thing,,but right now, mitsutoyto digital caliper and staple calculator is as high end technology as it gets. and my secret notebook,,I got records of things from my previous stupid special engines in this greasy book.
ducati bevel bottom gears, and shovel head cam gear,, somehow combine those,,

Bevel gears,,

shit, I forgot to take photo of desmo parts,,well next time,,

when am I gonna finish? dunno,, have bills to pay first.. this is my luxuary item.
I need my stimulus plan .