Dad , Not the woman in red dress....

He was reserved, didn't talk much,except about something he was into. something like Jazz, Rock music,Art, and things he makes in his little atelier . I remember seeing him tinkering with stained glass work, silver jewelry, wood carving, knife making, model making. never saw him painting though,, I guess he was into more 3 dimensional stuff, just like I am now.
Once ,probably around I was 8ish ,he asked me if i want to make a little boat together with him. I was excited. so we went model craft store. I thought we are looking for pre-made model boat ,,he went straight into Balsa section, picked up few sheet of balsa wood.
Back in his little atelier, he started laying out template out of paper, telling me to cut out sheet of wood. I lay ed them out and cut them out. we bent them glued them painted them... It had a fish pole, chair,windows, little cabin.
our little boat...
he was kind of that guy

He was a chef who worked at restaurant where dishes in come in small portion and look like some kind of artsy crafty thing. So he doesn't come home till after midnight.
Back then 6 days a week time era. so only time I see him is Sunday.
I think I was around 12 or so. One night I woke up middle of the night, because I heard someone came in the house. My dad. I went into living room, he was getting ready to leave again. then he said,
" you wanna go to movies?"
" of course!!"
I think it was at least 2 am or so...I had never went out that late of the night.
plus with my dad. I was just a normal kid,that was an adventure for me.
neighbourhood, street, town looked totally different. he drove us into area that lot of people,cabs are honking ,drunk people screaming, bright neon made whole area looks like daytime.
he took me to this tiny theater underground, maybe 30 or 40 seats.
I had no idea what we were going to watch. but I didn't care.
I felt like a grown-up bad ass.

Then this movie started.

It was beyond 12years old boy's comprehension, at least to me back then.
scary looking fat woman eating dog shit? another woman with a dick? nah,,
The fact that kids in my neighbourhood wouldn't have seen stuff like that made me feel like I was something special.ahaha
Funny thing though , later I got old,, I realized few of my favorite movies are from same guy , John Waters. but this not the one of them though.

My dad passed away 5 years ago today April 13th ,2004.
I never got to ask him why he took me to that movie that night.

R.I.P Dad. You fucked me up pretty big time with that movie.
You are the best of the best.