1973 march 29th

1973 march 29th. 36years ago,, 8 month before I was born.

Quote from history website.
The United States completes the withdrawal of all its combat troops from Vietnam on this day. A decade of American military involvement in Vietnam deeply divided public opinion in the United States and claimed the lives of over 57,000 U.S. soldiers. Over 200,000 South Vietnamese soldiers perished in the conflict, and the communist death toll exceeded 1 million. In addition, some 500,000 Vietnamese civilians were killed, many as a result of the massive U.S. bombing campaign, which exceeded all the bombs dropped by both sides in the Second World War. After spending over $150 billion in its effort to save South Vietnam from communism, the United States finally and completely withdrew on 29 March 1973. Two years later, the war ended with the fall of South Vietnam and the unification of Vietnam under communist authority.

I am not making any political statement here,,it's just a historical fact..
You think they are celebrating the day today? I dunno,,
These people in this picture were happy to go home for sure.

another fact.
American remember the day of pearl harbor,
Japanese don't.
Japanese remember the day of atomic bomb
American don't.

I wonder when we would see the end of Iraq? I don't know..

for those who dedicate their lives for their country, may they rest in peace.