Yamaha 2015 XJR1300 and Rhapsody in Blue Yard Built project

I spent great amount of time riding this new model bike during the shoot, and build of Rhapsody in Blue.

its simply eye-opener experience.

First over 100hp, Inline 4 ,bit intimidating, once I get used to it.  I felt its core concept of sports riding without extreme aggressive attitude, and but with plenty of performance with control-ability.  With its well-thought new design has its attractive styling but still leaves plain canvas for personal touch, I have no doubt that people see its potential and envision their take like the way I do.



Rhapsody In Blue project opened lot of doors for me.  this was my first full-on custom on Japanese In-line 4 bike.  I may be known for American V-twin based custom bike. but My passion is custom motorcycles, It doesn't matter what the brand is, If I see potential and freedom to create my take on a bike,  I wouldn't hesitate to execute it. whether its outcome will be accepted by whole or not. as far as I'm concerned, customizing bike is turn one's vision into reality for one.

in this Rhapsody in Blue project, it was for Yamaha Europe. they were bit taken back by my ideas. But I wanted to break the rules of what Supposedly-Supposed-to-be without extreme approach. Bottom line is that this is a concept project. I delivered my concept. Some may like it, others may not.  but Yamaha Europe was happy with result, and I am proud of it. one for one.

I am forever grateful that I was given opportunity by iconic brand,Yamaha to follow thru my vision, considering that other Yamaha motorcycles had big part of my motorcycle life in past.



Rhapsody in Blue Yamaha Yard Build Project

Yamaha EU comissionned us to build a concept bike based on their Iconic In-Line 4,Air Cooled XJR1300. It was perfectly designed and manufactured to mas-market. There was nothing wrong with it. but I , as custom motorcycle builder, saw a lot of potential to give it different aesthetic. i envisioned it to be unconventional look that doesn't fall to any genre people love to label without rediculous-ness.   In my opinion, one of the key mind set of customizing perfect factory bike is balance of the wrongness and the rightness.

Its named after one of memorable song of mine "Rhapsody In Blue"   My dad used to play this song, vinly record really loud, I remember sketching dad's Yamaha XS650 on back porch while Rhapsody In Blue blasting from living room.

This bike will be touring with Yamaha EU for a year all over the Europe for a year. I hope everyone there would enjoy this . bike will available for delivery after Sept 2015 if anybody interested

Bike for Sale, 1977

Bike for sale, built in 2012. engine is Rear/Pan, Front /Shovel on 1977 shovelhead bottome end. currently has Custom chrome 5speed transmission, with tech cycle electric starter ,open belt. forward controls.  Nickel plated frame. 21'' ,16" spoke wheels with disc brakes.  39mm narrow glide front end. paul cox leather seat and airbag seat for comfort.  No odometer, but estimated mileage around 2000miles top.  email contact@keinocycles.com